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Complaints and Disputes

Policy on the fair treatment of complaints and disputes

IT 360 Financial has adopted a policy on the fair treatment of complaints and disputes. This policy applies to representatives who are attached to it within the meaning of the regulations.

Who is responsible for handling a complaint file that has been duly submitted?

The Chief Compliance Officer of IT 360 Financial is responsible for the application of the policy on the handling of complaints and disputes and acts as a respondent before the Autorité des marchés financiers.

What is a complaint or dispute?

For the purposes of the policy, a complaint is the expression of at least one of the following three elements:

  • A reproach against a registered representative;
  • Identification of potential or actual harm to a consumer;
  • A request for corrective action.

A complaint does not include any informal action aimed at correcting a particular problem, provided that the problem is dealt with in the course of regular activities and without the consumer has filed a complaint.

In general, IT 360 Financial will ask that a customer’s complaint be sent to it in writing by mail or e-mail.

Where to send a complaint?

We encourage clients to make their complaints in writing or by e-mail whenever possible. If you have difficulty putting your complaint in writing, please let us know so that we can assist you. For reasons of confidentiality, we will only deal with the customer concerned or with a person expressly authorized in writing by the customer to deal with us on his or her behalf.
Consumers who wish to file a complaint must do so in writing to the following address:

IT 360 Financial
Compliance Department
725 boul. Lebourgneuf, Suite 420 Quebec City, Quebec G2J 0C4

Or by e-mail to info@financesti360.com

Maintenance of complaint files

Upon receipt of a complaint, a file will be created and entrusted to the person in charge so that he/she can take charge of it and administer it.

What happens after IT 360 Financial receives a complaint?

An acknowledgment of receipt will be sent to the complainant within 5 business days of receiving a complaint, along with a notice to the complainant and a copy of our policy on handling complaints and disputes.

A thorough analysis of the file will be done by the person responsible for handling complaints.

Once the analysis is complete, a written response, with reasons, will be sent to the complainant no later than 90 days following the date of receipt of the complaint. Our response may take the form of an offer of settlement, a rejection of the complaint explaining our reasons, or any other response deemed appropriate.

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