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Audrey Ethier

Relationship Assistant—Wealth Management (Quebec and Ontario)

With a bachelor’s degree in pharmacology, Audrey moved into the financial services field in 2016, working in a financial advisor role for 2 years. Upon returning from her first maternity leave, she joined a quality assurance administrative team as a coordinator where she realized the importance of providing excellent customer service. Her attention to detail, her desire for continuous improvement and her positive attitude towards all situations make her an indispensable assistance within the IT360 Financial team. On a personal note, Audrey lives on a farm with her family where they take care of several animals.

Audrey Ethier - Finances TI360

Doriane Laporte

Relationship Assistant—Wealth Management (Quebec and Ontario)

With a DESS in delinquency intervention techniques, Doriane has always demonstrated a need to support others. A native of Abitibi, she took the plunge in 2018 and moved to Trois-Rivières where she completed the necessary training to obtain her financial counselling credentials. After working in this role for a while, she realized that she would rather provide administrative support to advisors with their clients. Her knowledge of the field and her desire to help people make her an outstanding assistant for our team.

Doriane Laporte - Finances TI360

Jocelyne Vézina

Financial security advisor, group savings and financial planner, AVC (Quebec)

Her 27 years of experience in financial services makes her a reference for the members of our team. From the very first meeting, clients feel confident with Jocelyne because she makes it her duty to listen and be there for each of them. Their financial health is a priority for her. In parallel to this career, Jocelyne was a member of the board of directors of the Chambre de la sécurité financière for 7 years, including 6 years as Vice President of Securities.

Jocelyne Vézina - Finances TI360

Francis Bertrand

Financial security advisor, Financial Planner, Mutual Fund Representative, and Group insurance and annuity Representative (Quebec and Ontario)

Holder of a BAA in personal finance and certification as a Financial Planner, Francis joined the team in 2021. In addition to being with a financial services firm since 2018, he has more than 10 years of services in the Canadian Armed Forces. Finance has always been of great interest to him. A fine analyst, he knows how to listen to his clients in order to give them personalized advice. He is appreciated by all for his accessibility, his teaching skills, and his extensive knowledge in the various areas of finances. With Francis, even stepping out of your comfort zone is comfortable!

Francis Bertrand - Finances TI360

Alexandre Bosquain

Customer Service Advisor (Quebec)

A former professional athlete, Alexandre has the necessary discipline to help his clients reach their financial goals. With a personal insurance license, he makes it his duty to analyze the protection needs of each client. Alexandre has been living in Quebec for two years and is a native of France, which allows him to advise newcomers to the country.

Alexandre Bosquain - Finances TI360

Sam Cellini

Financial security and group saving advisor (Ontario and Quebec)

For nearly 18 years, Sam has been a trusted partner in helping his clients achieve financial success. With a certification in Information Technology Management, as well as a financial advisor designation, Sam has the comprehensive expertise to recommend personalized protection and savings strategies for independent consultants. His primary mission is to build trust and confidence in order to understand the needs and preferences of each of his clients.

Sam Cellini - Finances TI360

Noémie Auvray

Financial security and group saving advisor (Quebec)

Originally from France, Noémie holds a master’s degree in finance and insurance, a field in which she has over 10 years of experience. Having arrived in Quebec in December 2020, her knowledge of French taxation makes her an invaluable resource for IT360 Financial immigrant clients. Thanks to her academic background and her constant desire to evolve, Noémie never stops pushing the structural limits of our more conventional business field. Her motivation is an inspiration to her colleagues.

Noémie Auvray - Finances TI360

Éric Chevrette

B.A.A. President and Founder, Financial Security and Investment Advisor

With a B.A.A., Eric began his career as a financial advisor in 2009. His experience as a general manager of a family-owned pulp and paper company prompted him to found his own firm in 2012. Since then, this passionate visionary has surrounded himself with strategic business partners allowing him to build a specialized service offer for independent consultants. A member of the NACCB for several years, the IT360 Financial program is offered in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. Eric is working hard to make it available across Canada.

Éric Chevrette - Finances TI360

Karine Bélanger

Director of Organizational Development

Since 2016, Karine has been the focal point of IT360 Financial. Her role has evolved over the years to meet the firm’s growing needs. Today, she ensures the continuity of the company’s development by recruiting resources while coordinating the marketing component and the efficiency of the operational procedures in place. Always in a spirit of professional development, Karine will obtain a certification in executive skills and leadership to solidify the skills she has acquired. Would you like to be part of the IT360 Financial team?

Karine Bélanger - Finances TI360

Me René Trépanier

Personal Information Protection Officer

Me René Trépanier - Finances TI360

* Financial Security Advisor associated with Éric Chevrette Financial Services Inc., partner firm of RGP Financial Group. Mutual Fund Representative associated with SFL Investments, financial services firm, 825 Lebourgneuf Blvd., Suite 500, Quebec, QC  G2J 0B9, Tel.: (418) 627-4447, Fax: (418) 627-3327.