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Financial Analysis

A free in-depth assessment that’s designed specifically for independent consultants:

  • Tax optimizer (helps you identify your best options: dividend and/or salary, RRSP contribution or not, income splitting)
  • Develop a balance sheet and budget, cash flow analysis, comparative analysis
  • Protect your personal, family and business finances
  • Decrease your income taxes now and at retirement
  • Plan for your retirement, including the possibility of setting up a ERP (expense 100% deductible)
  • Analyze insurance and investment portfolios


Participatory, Term and Universal Life

Personnal and Corporate Life Insurance

It is the ideal solution for independent consultants looking to optimize retirement income.


Permanent Participating Life Insurance 
  • Participating life insurance is a permanent coverage which allows policy owners to earn dividends and accumulate cash value on a tax-preferred basis. The Accelerated growth product generates higher medium term dividends.

Term Life Insurance
  • Term life insurance is the most affordable and flexible coverage which allows modify your coverage at any time without having to provide proof of good health. 
Universal Life Insurance 
  • It is the ideal solution for your clients looking to increase their retirement income or to achieve a financial goal within a 10 to 15 year horizon.


Critical illness

  • Health Priorities – Business, Term to 75 provides your client and their business with guaranteed, lifetime protection against the devastating financial impacts of the 26 critical illnesses and conditions covered, including cancer, a heart attack or stroke. This protection lets your client face illness knowing they will have qualified people to step in during their recovery, their assets will be protected and creditors will be reassured.

Health and Dental insurance

  • Insurance that’s similar to group insurance and covers the day-to-day expenses and unexpected expenditures incurred to ensure the health of you and your family. Dental care coverage that reimburses 80% of your dental expenses
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Disability Insurance

*Professional Series®

You can now insure your quality of life with RBC Disability Insurance:

  • Regardless of your medical condition (some conditions apply)

  • Individual irrevocable coverage

  • Guaranteed to age 65

25% discount for IT Independant contractor.


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Innovatif Investments Strategie

  • Optimized portfolios
  • Managed solution portfolios
  • Private investment management service
  • Executive Retirement Plan (ERP)

Offered in conjunction with our business partners.

Professional Services Insurance

  • Professional Liability (also known as Errors & Omissions) with limits starting at $1 million
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance with limits of 1$ million
  • Tailored coverage for professionals

Competitive price.

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Accounting Services

Take advantage of our turnkey accounting bookkeeping services offered by our Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) partners :

  • GST/HST registration
  • Annual financial statements
  • Corporate income taxe filing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Annual resolution (minute book)
  • Production of T4/T5 and R1/R3 tax slips for salary/dividend

Incorporating Services* 

  • Preparation and filing of business incorporation documents.
  • Establishment of your company minute book.
  • Proper Corporate Structure designed to maintein your taxe status as an independent consultant

Advantages of incorporation : Limited personal risk and liability, reduced tax burden, continuous existence and transferable property, excellent investment vehicle, etc.

*The incorporating services are offered by a notary and the costs are assumed by IT360 Financial inc. Some conditions apply.

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