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Multidisciplinary team

Multidisciplinary team

Leave your financial cares behind with our team of specialists who leverage their expertise to make IT360 Financial an industry leader. Benefit from the skills brought by each member of our team and from our guidance throughout your wealth planning process.

Participative approach

Participative approach

Thanks to our close and strong relationships with clients and partners, we can offer solutions tailored to your specific needs. IT360 Financial’s comprehensive vision means that our clients have access to innovative strategies.

Dynamic learning

Dynamic learning

Benefit from the expertise of our various associates and partners to discover tools that can help you manage your personal and professional finances.


Take charge of your finances!

Whether you’re just starting out or nearing retirement, make the most of the full range of services we offer through our partnerships with industry experts. They make their expertise available so that you can gain all the benefits of being an independent consultant.

Financial planning

Organize your financial life, both personal and corporate.

We can help you develop your best financial plan through a free, in-depth assessment by one of our advisors.

  • Tax optimization: we’ll help you identify your best options: compensation type, income splitting, etc.
  • Set up beneficial tax strategies appropriate for your needs
  • Personal, family and corporate financial security
  • Retirement planning
  • Analysis of investment solutions

Incorporation service*

Whether your business is already up and running or just starting out, use our incorporation service to put your company on the right legal footing.

  • Prepare incorporation documents and file them with the Registraire des entreprises (Quebec chartered corporations)
  • Set up your company’s minute book
  • Establish the appropriate share capital to confirm your tax status as an independent consultant

*Incorporation services provided by Gestion corporative Saint-Paul, with the fees absorbed by IT360 Financial Inc. Some conditions apply.

Accounting service*

Optimize your time with efficient accounting management.

We can meet your specific accounting and bookkeeping needs. This turnkey solution is provided by a certified CPA firm.

  • GST/PST registration
  • Annual financial statements
  • Corporate tax returns
  • Bookkeeping
  • Annual resolution (minute book)
*Accounting services provided by Lacharité McComber Kuczynski.

Disability insurance

Have you considered disability insurance coverage?

Don’t wait until an accident or illness prevents you from doing your job. Safeguard your standard of living and that of your family with disability insurance provided through RBC Insurance:

  • Regardless of your medical condition (some conditions apply)
  • Individual, irrevocable coverage
  • Guaranteed to age 65
Are you an IT freelancer? Get a 25% discount with our partner RBC Insurance

Insurance for professional services*

Choose the most comprehensive coverage available and enjoy peace of mind with a program designed especially for you. Our partners PROLINK Insurance Inc. and NACCB have developed a customizable solution for self-employed workers that includes both professional liability (E&O) insurance and general liability insurance.

*Professional liability insurance program for self-employed workers provided by PROLINK Insurance Inc. and NACCB.

Payroll service*

We can help manage your company payroll.

Simplify your life by entrusting your payroll management to Employer D Payroll, a partner of our firm. This turnkey solution includes all regulatory matters, required updates and new features.

*Payroll management services provided by Desjardins Business.

Mortgage service

For a purchase, pre-authorization, refinancing, renovation or even a renewal, let a trusted mortgage broker guide you. He has the skill to evaluate the best offers within the context of your specific situation.

*Mortgage services provided by Martin Côté, Mortgage Broker with Consortium.


Your experience with us

For more than ten years now, we have been helping independent consultants optimize their finances by providing them with a comprehensive and integrated range of services. Why wait? You could be our next satisfied customer!

«Éric and his team were highly professional and always available to help me. When I was setting up my company, Éric gave me a lot of good advice and made recommendations about the best products for me. He’s an expert at helping others grasp the complex workings of the market and financial products so that even someone without a great deal of financial knowledge can understand.»

- Sergio Quiroz, M. Sc., Information Security Advisor, Hydro-Québec

«Like many IT consultants, I basically ignored the whole issue of financial planning for a good many years. Luckily, Éric arrived with his team of professionals (lawyers, accountants, tax experts, etc.) and helped me get my finances sorted out on several levels (both personal and business finances). Éric and his team are outstanding professionals. They listened to what we needed and clearly explained the things that seemed really complicated to us. I strongly recommend the services of Éric Chevrette and the entire IT360 Financial team if you want to simplify and optimize your finances. My thanks to everyone on the team!»

- André Dubé, Independent IT Consultant


A committed team, ready to propel your finances.

Jocelyne Vézina

Financial planner Financial advisor Mutual fund representative

Her 27 years of experience in financial services makes her a reference for the members of our team. From the very first meeting, clients feel confident with Jocelyne because she makes it her duty to listen and be there for each of them. Their financial health is a priority for her. In parallel to this career, Jocelyne was a member of the board of directors of the Chambre de la sécurité financière for 7 years, including 6 years as Vice President of Securities.

Jocelyne Vézina - Finances TI360

Maxime Genois-Girard

Financial Advisor Mutual Fund Representative

Maxime Genois-Girard - Finances TI360

Alexandre Bosquain

Financial advisor

A former professional athlete, Alexandre has the necessary discipline to help his clients reach their financial goals. With a personal insurance license, he makes it his duty to analyze the protection needs of each client. Alexandre has been living in Quebec for two years and is a native of France, which allows him to advise newcomers to the country.

Alexandre Bosquain - Finances TI360

Annabelle Gauthier

Administrative coordinator

Annabelle Gauthier - Finances TI360

Aurelia Daboiko

Wealth management coordinator

Aurelia Daboiko - Finances TI360

Audrey Ethier

Director, Customer Experience and Sales Support

With a bachelor’s degree in pharmacology, Audrey moved into the financial services field in 2016, working in a financial advisor role for 2 years. Upon returning from her first maternity leave, she joined a quality assurance administrative team as a coordinator where she realized the importance of providing excellent customer service. Her attention to detail, her desire for continuous improvement and her positive attitude towards all situations make her an indispensable assistance within the IT360 Financial team. On a personal note, Audrey lives on a farm with her family where they take care of several animals.

Audrey Ethier - Finances TI360

Me René Trépanier

Personal Information Protection Officer

Me René Trépanier - Finances TI360

Sam Cellini

Financial advisor Mutual Fund Representative

For nearly 18 years, Sam has been a trusted partner in helping his clients achieve financial success. With a certification in Information Technology Management, as well as a financial advisor designation, Sam has the comprehensive expertise to recommend personalized protection and savings strategies for independent consultants. His primary mission is to build trust and confidence in order to understand the needs and preferences of each of his clients.

Sam Cellini - Finances TI360

Fabrice Fameni

Financial planner Mutual fund representative

Fabrice Fameni - Finances TI360