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Access exclusive financial strategies tailored for independent consultants. Optimize your taxation and increase your income with our cutting-edge and secure tools designed to transform your financial future.

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Discover how IT360 Financial revolutionizes the financial management of independent consultants

At IT360 Financial, we understand the unique financial challenges faced by independent consultants.

Our mission is to equip you intelligently with innovative financial strategies that not only reduce your tax burden but also maximize your income. Access to smart and secure financial tools allows you to experience a paradigm shift in your financial management.

And, optimize your situation concretely, faster.

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How to reduce your taxes and increase your income?

At the heart of every financial decision lies a goal – increasing income and reducing taxes.

At IT360 Financial, understanding the motivations behind your financial decisions is crucial. By identifying your goals and offering avenues to achieve them, you will be able to make more informed decisions.

By using advanced financial technologies, having sharp knowledge of the regulations applicable to independent consultants, and thinking outside the box, we have developed highly effective strategies to realize your future.

From tax optimization to strategic incorporation, including life and disability insurance, our services are tailored exclusively for independent consultants.

The benefits of IT360 Financial

  • Creation of a comprehensive and strategic financial plan from the first appointment
  • Access to cutting-edge, intelligent, and secure financial tools
  • Access to exclusive insurance and investment products, often more effective and sometimes overlooked
  • A team of professionals specialized in serving independent consultants
  • Essential partners to cover all aspects of your situation, whether you are incorporated or not.

Our services

Self-employed workers and incorporated consultants have specific and unique financial needs.

Therefore, generic financial planning may not suffice.

At IT360 Financial, our advisors offer customized strategies to meet the requirements and goals of independent consultants, whether they are incorporated or not.

Discover how disability and professional liability insurances form the essential foundation of your protection as an entrepreneur.

Together, they play a crucial role in preserving your tax status as an independent consultant.

With our cutting-edge tools and strategies tailored for independent consultants, our team can guide you towards tax optimization solutions to minimize your taxes and maximize your income.

Incorporation offers many advantages for IT professionals, ranging from liability protection to tax optimization.

With our partner, IT360 Accounting, you will receive personalized support throughout the incorporation process. IT360 Accounting specializes in independent IT consultants like yourself, providing quick and tailored solutions.

Concrete tools to make smarter move.

We have designed retirement calculators and tools that allow you to analyze your financial situation freely.

What they say about us...

Sergio Quiroz
Sergio QuirozM. Sc., Information Security Advisor, Hydro-Québec
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"When I started my company, Éric helped me a lot with very pertinent advice and recommendations to choose the most advantageous products for me.

To help his clients optimize their financial resources, Éric is very skilled at simplifying the complexities of markets and products so that anyone without much knowledge can understand them."
André Dubé
André DubéIndependent IT Consultant
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"Like many IT consultants, I put off planning my finances for several years.

Fortunately, Éric came along with his professional team of (lawyers, accountants, tax specialists, etc.) and helped me get my finances in order on all levels (both personal and professional).

Éric and his team are able to simplify and demystify things that seemed so complex to us.

I highly recommend the services of Éric Chevrette and the entire FinancesTI360 team to simplify and optimize your financial situation."
Jean Drainville
Jean DrainvilleContact Center and Telecommunications Consultant
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"Éric has been my financial advisor for nearly 3 years now, and he has created a truly impressive financial plan for me. He specializes in working with entrepreneurs and IT consultants.

He offers an initial financial situation analysis completely free of charge, which includes a plan and recommendations. It was after this first step that I decided to entrust him with the full scope of my financial planning.

He is very attentive and provides concrete answers and solutions. The relationship is pleasant, simple, and efficient! I am very happy that he takes care of all this for me, and I recommend him to everyone."
Amine Gouri
Amine GouriMBA, Solution Architect Leader, MBA modernization
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"I met Eric two years ago, he demonstrates a strong knowledge of independent IT consultant needs. Eric took the time to understand my needs and objectives. He has the right tools to recommend multiple financial scenarios and stratégies. I strongly recommend Eric Chevrette."
Raph Rosefort
Raph RosefortExpert advisor - Project portfolio management & business applications at Pratt
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"I started my new professional career as an independant consultant almost 2 years ago. As the mindset and the process are quite different from being an employee concerning all the financial aspects, Éric has always been here to help and assist me in all the questions I had concerning them, thus allowing me to focus on my work without always wondering how I can manage my financial assets. Éric is always available, human and very professional in every aspect. I strongly recommend him as a financial advisor."
Guillaume Belzile
Guillaume Belzile
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"I wish I had met Éric sooner. I lost many years as an incorporated consultant without using any efficient financial strategy. Since Éric and his team took my corporate finance in their hands, I can foresee an early and healthy retirement. I would recommend his services anytime."

We are proud to contribute to these significant financial transformations.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Our firm specializes in the unique requirements of IT consultants, offering deep expertise and a clear understanding of the financial challenges you face. We provide personalized service, tailor-made solutions, and are committed to delivering precise advice aligned with your professional and personal goals. Choosing our firm means selecting a team dedicated to your financial success.

Our consultations are completely free of charge for IT consultants. At IT360 Financial, we believe in transparency and are committed to providing you with accurate information about our services without any initial fees.

The best time to consult with our advisors is as soon as possible. The earlier you establish a financial plan tailored to your IT consultant career, the better. Our strategies are designed to meet your specific needs at every stage of your professional journey, whether it’s before incorporation, early in your career, mid-career, or late in your career.


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